These incidents happen...
and with LITTLE to

A lot can happen in 1 minute & 48 seconds…

Refuse to Be a Victim –


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Gain the POWER, the SELF-CONFIDENCE, and the SKILLS to protect yourself and the ones you love

Stay Safe Urban Defense is here to teach you the skills you need to protect yourself in the event of an attack. We will teach you REAL LIFE SKILLS so you will be able to stop a bigger, stronger, enraged attacker and avoid situations which can lead to  unforeseen circumstances.  Learn how to flip the switch and become as violent and aggressive as the criminals that may stalk you.  If a crisis happens, “Will you be able to defend yourself and the ones you love?”  At  Stay Safe Urban Defense we won’t just teach you self defense skills, you will learn how to escape danger in real combative stressful situations.


“Some scars are numb. Some scars rid you of the capacity to feel anything ever again.”

Refuse to be someone’s victim!

“The pain you feel while learning new skills and thoughts will be the strength and confidence you feel when someone attacks you or your family.”

You’re worth it!

-Tony DaDante


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At Stay Safe Urban Defense our workshops are designed to give you the foundations of SELF PROTECTION and TOOLS you can learn to increase your awareness and better protect yourself and others. Our workshop will explore various methods of dealing with an altercation, escalation and de-escalation tactics, and strategies.  You WILL learn how to use your intuition to evade danger, how to protect and guide children or loved ones who do not know how to respond and react, how to escape the most common street attacks and most importantly, equipping you with methods to manifest your unique “fighting spirit” if any situation were to arise. Each workshop always differs, no one workshop will ever be the same.



Concealed Carry

Geared toward integrating the hand-to-hand and firearm defense skills needed to stop or avoid the threats at close distances.


Family Training

Empower your children by teaching self-defense skills to protect themselves in unforeseen circumstances.


Pistol Craft

Prepares you to overcome real world life threatening situations, well before you find yourself in a critical incident.


Stay Safe Fight Back

Geared toward integrating the hand-to-hand and firearm defense skills needed to stop or avoid the threats at close distances.


Street and Clinch Fighting

We will help you become experienced when fighting/sparring, so if a real situation should arise, you will feel more confident in your ability to defend yourself. 


Women’s Empowerment

We will teach you how to defend yourself in live stress situations and reality based scenario’s that include individual courses such as: muggers, stalkers and more.

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Stay Safe Urban Defense wants to empower women with a series of interactive 4 hour workshops

Gather your girlfriends together and learn how to defend yourselves against predators!

Refuse to be a victim!

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