Concealed Carry

Stay Safe Urban Defense offers three levels of Concealed Carry Courses

Level 1- Prep course for CCW Testing and Gun Newbies
Level 2- Live situational training and live fire with multiple draws
Level 3- Citizen Defender with Personal Protection Package

Prerequisite: Must be proficient with semi-automatic handguns. It is recommended that students have experience in the foundations of fighting pistol classes.

Our courses are geared toward integrating the hand-to-hand and firearm defense skills needed to stop or avoid the threats at close distances. When critical incidents happen, they typically occur suddenly, violently, with little to no warning and within clinching distance to 6 feet. Stay Safe Urban Defense’s comprehensive concealed carry courses employ established strategies and tactics that have been proven effective in real life situations.

Concealed carry training segments include but are not limited to:

• Firearm Retention Techniques
• Acquiring, Drawing and Shooting Your Firearm at Close Range
• Extreme Close Quarters Hand-To-Hand Combatives
• Defense Against Knife Attacks
• Defense Against Attacks with Blunt Objects
• Gun Takeaways
• Ground Fighting Firearm Retention and Combatives
• Shooting from Cover
• Firearm and Hand-To-Hand Defenses from Various Seated and Disruptive Positions
• Conflict Avoidance and Situational Awareness
• Verbal and Nonverbal Commands
• The Legalities of the use of Deadly Force and Managing the Aftermath

concealed carry

How do we do this?

We develop concealed carry combat skills in an environment that wouldn’t usually be considered bullet accommodating. At Stay Safe Urban Defense we understand that a large percentage of the defensive shooting skill set is the practical development of firearm manipulation techniques.

This is accomplished through unconventional munitions and training aids such as:

• Training guns
• SIRT Laser Trainers
• Air Soft Guns (Airsoft guns safely simulate all the handling aspects of a real gun without the danger)