Corporate Training and

Self-Defense Programs

It seems as though after 9/11 more and more companies began offering self-defense workshops as a means of providing a much needed benefit for their employees and staff. I can remember training hundreds of employees at Mattel Toys in LA soon after that event. It had an immediate and lasting positive impact! Then we started seeing Hospitals, Real estate agents, Airlines and Small and Large corporations worldwide seeking our help in making their employees safer and more agile.

Best of Best companies know they cannot afford to have any employee become a victim of violence on, or off the job. Each member of a team is valuable, and important to the overall wellbeing of a company.

Today, some of the most successful companies are seeing the financial benefits of keeping their employees happy and healthy through the use of new and exciting options. Many are adopting programs that directly focus on reducing job related stress, absenteeism and employee turnover.

Adding the services of Stay Safe Urban Defense has proven to be one of the best investments your company makes. It’s just one more way of insuring the long-term growth of your staff and company alike. Let’s face it; workplace violence can cause significant increases in worker’s compensation, damage employee morale, lower self-confidence and increase work-related stress. It can even cause you to lose your most talented people as they leave to find a safer and more secure work environment.

Here are a few of the groups we work with:

We fully understand that the needs of each individual company will vary. In order to provide you with the highest level of service we customize the training to meet the needs of your company. Our expert self-defense experts will provide the necessary instruction and tools to allow your employees to create healthier and safer workplaces. Here are a few options of what we can provide for you.

  • Women Only Practical Personal Defense
  • Concealed Carry and Defensive Weapons
  • Family Self Defense and Home Security Audits
  • Street and Clinch Fighting in Work Environments
  • Situational Awareness
  • Integrated Firearm and Improvised Weapons
  • LBTQ only Integrated Defense


  • Rape and Sexual Assault
  • Abusive Partners
  • Stalkers and Stalking
  • Muggers and Robbers
  • Date and Acquaintance Rape
  • De-escalation and Managing Fear
  • Team Building, Culture Change and Executive Coaching

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