Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Reality Based Self-Defense Training?

While no one wants to think that they may be an easy target, and many people like to think “this will never happen to me” the truth is, “Violence is real and ignoring it will not keep it away.”  Imagine you were the young professional women who walks into her local high-end food market at noon on a Thursday only to be brutally raped in the aisle in under two minutes.  True Story!  This isn’t meant to scare you.  In life there are no guarantees.  At Stay Safe Urban Defense we customize your program to your specific strengths and limitations. We help the community become a safer, friendlier place! We are Citizen Defenders. That rare breed of people that choose without coercion to run into the gunfire and save the innocent and assist our first responders.

Why can’t I just carry my own weapons and fight fire with fire?

If your first thought in self-defense is to carry your own weapons, we advise you to check with your local law enforcement to find out what weapons you can legally carry openly or concealed.  If you are able to carry your weapon, “Do you have the skills to use it effectively under stress?”  “Would your weapon be readily available if an unforeseen crisis occurred?”  Our work at Stay Safe Urban Defense will teach you how to recognize threats, mentally choose the right approach to deal with your attackers.  We will work with you in REAL LIFE scenarios so that you learn how to defend yourself.    The experts at Stay Safe Urban Defense can teach you to quickly improvise “weapons” during a self-defense situation should it be a suitable option.

Does your integrated self-defense system really work?

Yes!  The principles, tools and tactics that are used with Stay Safe Urban Defense’s Refuse to be a Victim processes are used by military and police forces all over the world.  This process has also been tested in real life violent confrontations.  With our courses, Stay Safe Urban Defense will make you a well-prepared citizen and self-protector.

Do I need to be in good physical condition to learn and utilize this Integrated Self Defense system?

No!  That’s the beauty! With simple and natural body mechanics, virtually anyone can effectively learn and use Stay Safe Urban Defense’s reality-based integrative self-defense system.

Aren’t all self-defense systems the same?

No!  In fact, very few self-defense systems are alike.  Most martial arts courses are aimed towards competition and the traditional aspects of the system.  Stay Safe is a combative reality-based self-defense system that has absolutely no sport or “traditional” aspects whatsoever. But what we do have is functionality. If you put in the time to train, practice and create new habits then our system will help you in achieve a much better outcome on the street.

Is the Stay Safe Urban Defense System only good for trained fighters?

No!  Our integrated approach to learning is meant for everybody, whether you have absolutely no training or experience whatsoever and are a total couch potato or are a highly trained and experienced martial artist, athlete, etc. However, if you do have previous training in protecting yourself you can leverage what you bring to the table with our tried and true approach.

How long does it take to be a skilled self-protector?

While the rate of learning varies for each individual, with our hands-on coaching strategies. Our self-defense strategies can be learned over a much shorter time frame than becoming a black belt in martial arts.

What kind of training courses do you offer at Stay Safe Urban Defense?

Stay Safe Urban Defense offers classes for just women, just men, co-ed, as well as for kids and families. We train intact work teams as well as utilizing our broad band of experience to teach teambuilding and culture change initiatives at corporations of all sizes.

If I have a physical injury or disability can I still participate?

Obviously, a certain amount of mobility is required, however, if you are capable of moving around without assistance then you shouldn’t have a problem that would inhibit you from learning to effectively use the course content. If you have a disability or injury, Stay Safe Urban Defense team of instructional designers can certainly customize a program that tailored to meet your needs.

Our programs are designed for all shapes, ages, sexes, and sizes of people and all levels of physical fitness. However, if you are considering signing up for any of our courses you must be mentally competent and in reasonable health. If you think that you are unable to participate physically please feel free to contact me to discuss other options.  We can offer things such as a self-defense lecture in which there are very few physical requirements.

The team at Stay Safe Urban Defense will stand in the gap with you all the way.

*** Note: Please advise me of any injuries or relevant medical conditions that you may have prior to the start of your coaching sessions so that, if need be, I can make modifications to the program to suit your needs and prevent aggravating your injury or condition.***