Stay Safe Urban Defense offers a variety of classes and workshops. View our classes below to find the course that is best for you. We offer 1- and 2-day workshops for Street Centered Firearm and Personal Defense. These workshops are offered monthly throughout the State of Florida.


All of our classes consist of three distinct levels for each course. 

Once all three courses and testing is completed, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Citizen Defender Workshop:

You have the heart and the soul, now you need the real skills – mentally, physically, and emotionally to be a real Citizen Defender.  Our unique Citizen Defender course will jump start your knowledge by taking the course in the locations they happen. Your church, your vehicle, your living room, your supermarket parking lot, your favorite bar or restaurant, etc.

Training includes:

• Learning situational awareness skills at panic levels
• Developing gun skills while moving and when under pressure
• Learning the skills needed to use a knife and baton under stressful situations
• Defending yourself if there are multiple attackers mixed in with innocent civilians

Street Reality – Level 1

2- day course

This course will teach you the basics for defensive use of a handgun. We use Sirt firearms during the course and there will be LIVE FIRE. Rapid holster presentations, controlled shots on target and target acquisition are the groundwork for this course.

Training includes:

• Safe gun handling
• Loading and Unloading your firearm
• Proper grip – Sight Alignment, Sight Picture Trigger Control and Follow Through
• Firing Stances – defend attacks from all directions
• Marksmanship – hitting your target quickly and accurately by blending speed and accuracy
• Threat Engagement from close quarters
• Shooting from a concealment garment
• Engaging multiple targets
• Live fire certification for Florida Concealed Carry License
• Discuss the use of force multipliers such as tactical pens, flashlights, knives, etc.

Advanced Street Reality

2- Day Course

This is a LIVE FIRE firearms course which teaches you the basics of the defensive use of the handgun.

Training includes:

• Advanced Marksmanship – hitting your target fast and accurately
• Loading and Unloading your firearm while under pressure
• Firing Stances in unconventional shooting positions and defending against attack from all sides
• Shooting in a dynamic setting while on the move
• Shooting one handed both firing side and support side
• Ground fighting shooting
• Shooting under stress
• Introduction to Force – On – Force
• Introduction to Force Multipliers
• Stress dills on moving marks
• Shoot – No Shoot situations
• Engaging multiple targets and transitioning to support hand shooting
• Transitioning to a backup weapon
• Failure to stop drills
• All drills are on turning targets

Course also includes an introduction to the Israeli Shooting platform as well as traditional sight alignment, sight picture trigger control and follow through.
• Presenting your weapon rapidly from your holster, or Rapid holster presentations
• Shooting from concealment
• Shooting from the ready position and holster
• Target Engagement from arm’s length to 15 yards under time pressure
• Controlled pairs – intensely increasing follow-up shots and rate of fire while maintaining accuracy
• Emergency reloading and tactical reloading both one handed and support side. Malfunctions – one handed and support side only