Stay Safe Fight Back

Our Stay Safe Fight Back curriculum is both energetic, advanced and is comprised of the best fighting arts and styles in the world. At Stay Safe Urban Defense we teach you situational based techniques and processes that leave you confident in any situation. This is a no nonsense approach and when combined with the use of weapons it is the perfect package for a citizen to practice and master. We feel confident that when you complete all the different phases of our training, that you will not only be ready to defend yourself and avoid trouble, but you’ll be able to stand in the gap for others. You’re a gap filler; the most exciting type of Citizen Defender there is.

Take your personal defense skills to the next level and enroll in the Stay Safe Fight Back Course with Stay Safe Urban Defense.

What to expect from our stay safe fight back curriculum:

• The most practical self-defense training available
• Increased confidence, energy and strength
• A challenging, fun workout
• Occasional bumps & bruises

In addition to Stay Safe Fight Back our supplemental modalities include but are not limited to: conflict avoidance, verbal and non-verbal commands, defensive flashlight techniques, situational awareness, the psychology of violent crime, timeline defense, the legalities of the use of deadly force, managing aftermath, ground fighting, weapon disarms, defensive techniques for dealing with entanglement and clinch, defenses against blunt objects, and defense against knife attacks.

Course Guidelines:

• Train regularly
• Come to class on time
• Be respectful of others (train safely, be aware of personal hygiene, change shirts between classes, etc.)
• Wear shoes, but no outside shoes on the training floor
• Wear training pants or knee length shorts
• Appropriate gear to maintain a safe training environment

Have fun and grow with us!

Attend classes as your schedule allows. This Class is included with the all-inclusive memberships.

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