Stay Safe Seminars


Stay Safe Urban Defense offers three types of seminars:


1. Stay Safe Fight Back™ Keynote and Conference Openers

2. Stay Safe Fight Back™ Corporate Retreat

3. Stay Safe Fight Back™ for Schools ,Townships and HOA Communities

Each of our seminars cover three parts which include:

Part 1 – Prepared and Praying vs Chaos, Fear, Indecision and Frozen

Part 2 – Realistic Assault Avoidance and Reading the Cues

Part 3 – Surviving Sudden Violence and Warped Minds

Participants leave feeling energized and anxious to begin learning reality based Personal defense.

Stay Safe Urban Defense Seminars are available in 60 minute, 90 minute or 4 Hour durations and there is no limit to the size of the audience. Our Seminars can meet the need of your school or church and reach all of your students at one time through a school/church assembly. Many local schools, churches and civic organizations offer evening Stay Safe Fight Back Seminars™ for their families and communities.

Q&A and private discussion with our team of Self Defense and Behavioral experts will be available for anyone after the seminar.

Contact us for details or to schedule a seminar at your location.

We are leading edge providers of Realistic and Tenacious Self Defense!