Street and Clinch Fighting

This comprehensive curriculum will help you become experienced when fighting/sparring, so if a real situation should arise, you will feel more confident in your ability to defend yourself. When you enroll in our street and clinch fighting comprehensive curriculum you will learn fighting/sparring techniques in a safe, fun and effective structured setting. The content of our curriculum comes from the foundations of Boxing, Wrestling and Muay Thai training methodologies.

Whether you are looking for hand to hand self-defense or mental and legal preparation, our courses can take your personal defense skills to the next level.

What to expect from our Street and Clinch Fighting class:

• The most practical self-defense training available
• Increased confidence, energy and strength
• A challenging, fun workout

Course Guidelines:

• Train regularly
• Come to class on time
• Be respectful of others (train safely, be aware of personal hygiene, change shirts between classes, etc.)
• Wear shoes, but no outside shoes on the training floor
• Wear training pants or knee length shorts
• Appropriate gear to maintain a safe training environment

Have fun and grow with us!

Attend classes as your schedule allows. This Class is included with the Self-Defense and Tactical memberships.