“A few words from our Stay Safe Urban Defense clients”

Date: June 24, 2019

To: Florida Chamber of Commerce

From: John Loebig (Florida Certified General Contractor)

Subject: Letter of recognition to Stay Safe Urban Defense and Tony DaDante

As a member of my Local Chamber and the Florida Chamber of Commerce, it is a rare occasion when I go out of my way to recognize greatness and social responsibility in a fellow Business Owner. In this case, I feel compelled to do just that. About a year ago I made a decision to start doing things for myself as I neared retirement. Considering the constant crime and criminal incidents reported on our local news these days, I felt that learning to defend myself and also to own and possess a handgun would be a great undertaking. Little did I know that this bucket list item was going to help transform my thinking, attitude and outlook on life. With that short intro, I was introduced to a trained professional in the Fighting Arts and an Expert Firearms Teacher based in Naples. His name is Tony DaDante and he runs a company called Stay Safe Urban Defense ( He is a huge advocate for abused women and conducts seminars for Rape and Sexual Assault charities around the country. After meeting with Tony and discussing my needs, expectations and limitations, he customized a program for me. This program no doubt would train me to become highly competent with a handgun under realistic street situations, in addition to learning various simple but effective self-defense concepts. This would give me true confidence in my ability to protect myself at job sites, at home, and in public places.

I am happy to report that after six months of training, I am now CCW certified, thanks to Tony. The great thing is, Tony didn’t rely on indoor ranges where you only shoot at paper static targets but he actually took me out on the street and taught me various skills such as Situational Awareness, De-Escalation skills, and how to read peoples behaviors. This not only improved my learning but has made these new skills permanent habits in my life. With my CCW in hand, and now being well trained, Tony assisted me with the purchase of the appropriate firearm and gear to make the process complete. He also trained me on a SIRT Inert Laser Pistol and advanced my shooting skills to a whole other level. Practicing with SIRT has drastically improved my accuracy and response times in only two weeks. Amazing!

I want the Chamber to know that Stay Safe Urban Defense is based in Florida and should certainly be recommended to the tens of thousands of chamber members across the State. If you or any member would like additional information regarding Stay Safe Urban Defense and the amazing teachings of Tony DaDante, feel free to call me at Phoenix and Associates.

Thank you for your time,

John Loebig
Owner of Phoenix and Associates

As always Tony Dante your support and passion are important to us!

Project Help Naples


Watching you talk to your sign-ups for your mother’s and daughters defense course was so effective by  allowing us to see and hear the testimonials from just exactly what was learned by the women and there immense confidence that they had already acquired from your course but also the pride that glows from your face Tony ..from the exceptional joy and satisfaction you receive from not only successfully teaching but helping people….helping women. This only shows in a video and is quite remarkable to witness Tony. The world needs so many of you. However daily you spread yourself as best you can. Your soft spoken, easy, likeable personality allows women and young girls to feels very comfortable with you teaching.
Thank you for all you do and from all the Mothers and daughters who have yet to find you…



Hello Judy and Tony,

I took your class today and didn’t get the chance to tell you how nice it was to meet you both and how grateful I am. Your class not only gave me skills to defend myself, it was so empowering. I have always hated feeling like I couldn’t defend myself in an altercation with a man. Now I know I can kick any man’s ass if I have to. I look forward to your next class and I wish you both the best of luck with all your new endeavors.

Aris D.

Tony…I was out by myself and a man came up from behind me started by touching my hair then he grabbed my crotch..I used what I saw on your video about hands around back of neck and nailed his crotchwith my titanium knee..he fell straight to ground and cried like a baby…THANK YOU. I got away called cops. I forced his head down then struck in a split second but if I had not watched your video who knows what would of happened ..had to tell you

This is a Ripleys believe it or not story


Qualified competent instruction.  I enjoyed our time at the range and your instruction and advice has been a big help.

Scott C.

By far the most impactful training I have ever experienced . I must suggest it as necessary for our global teams

Fortune 50 Female Executive

“The physical reality of being attacked at ambush speed was a wake up call for me” I’m so glad that Tony put our group of 30 women through an Impactful but Caring workshop. I’m no longer naïve or pretending it can’t happen to me.

Waiter and Bar Manager

I took a course in college that was offered by campus police ( RAD) that in no way compared to the depth, active participation and rigorous reality based scenarios we were challenged with” This is a life changer for me!”

Former Rape and Domestic Violence Survivor

“Its never been about fear for me but this class showed me the importance of paying attention to my surroundings and decision making and not allowing myself to be an easy target”

Single Mom /Realtor