Women’s Empowerment and Self Defense Training

Course name – The Situation Determines the Action

Cost – $99 dollars a course

This is a Foundational process of learning that involves live Stress inoculation and reality based scenario’s that include individual courses such as:
• Rape and Sexual Assault
• Domestic Violence
• Stalking and Stalkers
• The use of weapons and empty hands techniques
• Muggers and Mugging
• Date and Acquaintance Rape in these Web Dating times
• Home and Car Security
• De-Escalation
• Managing Fear

All of these topics will be covered in a series of Interactive 4 hour workshops and will include some traditional lecture that will bring the facts to life. Participants will also have the opportunity to take part in lively and interactive question and answer discussions. The workshops will always include hands on physical scenario based training so that you can experience the unknown and utilize your newly acquired skills. Each workshop includes plenty of time to take out your fears and aggressions on a fully padded criminal actor acting as a demented criminal. Now that’s FUN!!

women's self defense classes
women's self defense courses fort myers