Women’s Only Self Protection Course Offering’s

Why our views on Women’s Self Protection Classes are different and better for You.


Self-Defense isn’t only about the ability to fight back in a physical attack. Our self-protection classes encourage you to be able to think of different options and choices. Participation in these courses will help develop your awareness and assertiveness skills and allow you to practice physical self-defense techniques. Our class promises to expand the way you think about violence prevention, helps you deal with your fears and enables you to feel more empowered in your life. All of our classes are Mobile and can be customized for you.

Self-Protection F.A.Q.

What is Self-Protection?

Self-protection combines awareness, assertiveness and verbal confrontation skills. It enables one’s ability to effectively prevent, escape, resist, and survive violent assaults with the use of safety strategies and physical techniques. A good self-defense course will not only provide physical training, but also provide the teaching of psychological awareness and verbal skills.

Does self-protection work?

YES! Self-protection training increases your available options in a threatening situation. Training will help prepare your responses in order to avoid, slow down, de-escalate of interrupt an attack. This empowers one to prevent violence. The strategies and skills learned will not only be for use towards strangers, but the potential violence from acquaintances and intimates. Women typically know their attackers, this is why it is essential that the person is training, in order to know how to deal with the violence that may come from someone you know.

Will self-protection training guarantee that you will be safe?

NO. When it comes to self-protection there are no guarantees. It is important that you are aware of advertising hype, or other overstated claims of success coming from marketers of guns, alarms, devices, and self-defense training programs.

Do I need to train for years to learn to defend myself?

No, but like anything else you want to excel at, taking your self -protection seriously will significantly help to build your confidence and skill sets .Training rigorously and regularly are sure to be beneficial if you are ever preyed upon. Our course will offer pressure tested concepts and skills to help you develop self-protection strategies that you can continue to build upon.

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Making a commitment to participate in your own safety and taking proper actions to reduce risk, rather than being acted upon is key.

Should I get a gun?

At Stay Safe Urban Defense we strongly believe that being skillful and safe with a handgun and other bladed or improvised weapons is crucial to your self -protection toolkit. And that word skillful equates to maintaining training under experts who have your best interests at heart. The fact that most attacks are violent and often done with malicious intent and also to satisfy the attackers insatiable need for power and control we feel the more skillful you are in your ability to implement any tool in your safety kit is the BEST option to consider.

Our beliefs:

1. Women don’t cause, invite, ask for, or deserve to be assaulted. Men and women may exercise poor judgement about behavior, however that doesn’t hold them responsible for the attack.

2. A women’s decision to survive in the best way during a self-protection situation is her decision and must be respected. Our classes are not used as judgment against a victim/survivor.

3. Our class will not tell you what you “should” or “should not” do. Our program teaches different techniques, options, and ways of analyzing situations, where you will learn a full range of strategy-building. Our class will highlight what usually works best in most situations, but each situation is unique, but the final decision rests with the person actually confronted by the situation.

4. We believe the misuse and /or overuse of Alcohol, Illegal drugs, Prescription drugs and other mood manipulators directly increases the probability of poor and often regretful decisions regardless of Gender, Race or Sexual Orientation

Self-Protection Programs at Stay Safe Urban Defense

We offer a full range of Self-Protection Programs:

We are dedicated to preventing violence against women, and community education. We offer Integrated Self Protection classes to Men, Women and Children in Businesses, community organizations and schools. Our classes are designed to empower women and children to prevent crime and victimization. Our Women’s Self-Protection class is four 1-hour modules. It is presented to empower women, break myths surrounding violence against woman, and develop easy-to-use self-defense techniques.

The Modules

Module One – Awareness

· Awareness is the foundation of prevention. Prevention begins with education. In this module, participants will learn the most up to date information and discuss the misconceptions and myths.

· Participants will also learn to maintain awareness of their daily environment in order to decrease the risk of being targeted for assault.

Module Two – Assertiveness

· Assertiveness is the most effective types of prevention when avoiding assault.

· Assertive responses may prevent up to 80% of potential attacks

· Participants will practice the use of assertive eye contact, verbal confrontation, and body language skills.

Modules 3 & 4

· The focus is on increasing simple physical self-protection techniques  which enable you to disable an assailant and get away. Along with using legal an improvised weapon as force multipliers.

· The techniques that are taught are easy to learn and can be altered to each individual’s ability.

Self-Protection for Women with Disabilities & Senior Citizens

Stay Safe Urban Defense also offers workshops specifically for women with physical disabilities and for the elderly.

Personal Security Awareness Training and Self-Protection for Senior Citizens and/or Persons with Disabilities is broken down into four (4) modules to help empower participants to avert crime and victimization and learn how to overcome fear in their lives.

Module 1: Assertiveness & Awareness as Crime Prevention Tools

Module 2: Residential Safety & Developing Street

Module 3: Financial Self-Protection

Module 4: Physical Self-Protection Skills and Techniques

Completing all four modules is suggested for building camaraderie among participants. It is suggested that each session be done in two-hour time slots. Ability and age grouping are suggested. Males who are disables or seniors that are at high risk of assault will also greatly benefit from this training.

Techniques taught are easy to learn and may be modified based on the individual’s ability. Our expert instructors have experience in providing training for people whom are visually impaired, deaf, mild to severely physically disabled and/or developmentally disabled.

Personal Security Awareness for Corporations & Businesses

Workplace safety has developed into a significant consideration for concerned employers. Businesses forfeit hundreds of millions of dollars every year due to sick leave, lost wages, absenteeism, and non-productivity because of domestic violence. Employers can assist their employees to travel and work together safely to help prevent violence before it occurs. We offer comprehensive safety training, tailored to meet the specific needs of employees at your work place.

Our lunch and learn seminars include classes in self-protection, travel safety, workplace violence prevention, active shooter and conflict resolution.

Some of our course offerings:

“Sexual Harassment”

Sexual harassment is any sexual attention that is unwanted. Learn the different methods this attention can take and study it from a male and female perspective.

“What Are We Afraid Of?” The Realities and Myths of Sexual Assault.

Assault prevention begins with education. During this session participants will learn the most current facts and discuss the misconceptions and myths we all grew up with.

“How to Keep Your Child Safe” Assault Prevention/ Child Abuse

Children aren’t helpless. Children can and do develop ways to defend themselves from harm by using their own resources. Becoming an informed parent can help your children develop safety skills.

“Awareness of Our Environment” The Foundation of Prevention

Learn how to decrease your potential of being targeted for crime and maintain awareness of your daily surroundings.

“When No Means No” Assertiveness Training

One of the most effective techniques in avoiding assault is assertiveness. An assertive response may prevent up to 80% of potential attacks.

” Women’s Self-Protection Training”

The Two-Part Series Emphasizing Physical Self-Protection Techniques for Women will focus on practicing physical self-defense techniques. Women have the ability to resist assault attempts successfully. There are three times the amount attempts as there are completed rapes. Participants will learn how to disable an assailant in order to get away. The techniques taught are easy to learn and effective. They are based on striking vulnerable target areas and utilizing the appropriate force multipliers.

“Home” Domestic Violence Prevention

Battering is the use of force to maintain power and control over another person.  That force can be verbal, psychological, physical, and/or sexual. This session teaches what domestic violence is, learning how to stop the cycle of violence, and learning what to do if you, or someone you know, is in a violent relationship.

“Traveling Safely”

Guidelines for safety and behavior when traveling and/or working away out of the office.  “Conflict Resolution” Techniques and Strategies for De-Escalation This seminar was produced to answer the many requests we receive from those who wish to prevent physical confrontation. Learn how to diffuse anger and de-escalate volatile situations.

“The Bad Guy You Know ” Misconceptions of Acquaintance Rape

Women are assaulted by a wide range of men they know; by friends, by associates, and by dates. Learn why acquaintance rape is the least reported, yet the most widespread form of sexual assault against women. Learn how to prevent it and the latest statistics.


“ By far the most impactful training I have ever experienced . I must suggest it as necessary for our global teams”
Fortune 50 Female Executive

“ The physical reality of being attacked at ambush speed was a wake up call for me” I’m so glad that Tony put our group of 30 women through an Impactful but Caring workshop. I’m no longer naïve or pretending it can’t happen to me”.
Waiter and Bar Manager

“ I took a course in college that was offered by campus police ( RAD) that in no way compared to the depth, active participation and rigorous reality based scenarios we were challenged with” This is a life changer for me!
Former Rape and Domestic Violence Survivor

“Its never been about fear for me but this class showed me the importance of paying attention to my surroundings and decision making and not allowing myself to be an easy target”
Single Mom /Realtor